St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court, Melissa R. Henry, is proud to announce that the Clerk’s office has been recognized for Excellence in e-Recording by our e-Recording partner, CSC. E-Recording was launched in April 2017, and is one of the many e-Services now available at the Clerk of Court.

Front Row: Chris Lala, Billie Pareti, Marietta Barnes, Jodi Ridgley, Shawn Magee Second Row: Melissa R. Henry, Clerk of Court, Shana Hess, Mildred Laurent, Jaynie Rollins, Pamela Tripp, Stanley Chambers Third Row: Gretchen Cowart, Carol Jeffers, Lauren Pattison, Sonhui Benoit, Suzie Meinke Back Row: Connie Turner, Bianca Guillot, Gwyn Horrell, Mary LaValley, Michael Rogers, Patty Lane (Not pictured Sandy Stevens)