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The Clerk of Court’s Civil Department offers support staff for the 22nd Judicial District Court and is responsible for the processing and record keeping for all Civil cases.

In this department, the public may:

  • File new suits and subsequent pleadings into existing suits
  • Receive estimated costs for civil filings
  • Process protective orders
  • Inquire about Jury Selection and Summons
  • Research and obtain copies of public Civil records, including court minutes for the following:
    • Civil & Domestic Suits
    • Successions
    • Tutorships

Cases sealed by the court or by operation of law are not available to the public.

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Department Information

Customer Service (985) 809-8733

Civil Filing & Costs (985) 809-8776
Civil Pleadings may be e-filed in accordance with CCP Art. 253
Civil Pleadings may be faxed in accordance with La. R.S. 13:850, to (985) 809-8777

Jury Selection (985) 809-8736
Protective Orders (985) 809-8734
Civil Minute Clerks
Division A (985) 809-8763
Division B (985) 809-8764
Division C (985) 809-8765
Division D (985) 809-8766
Division E (985) 809-8767
Division F (985) 809-8768
Division H (985) 809-8770
Division I (985) 809-8771
Division J (985) 809-8772
Division K (985) 809-8733
Division L (985) 809-8733

Justice Center
701 N. Columbia Street, Covington, LA
Basement Level (Elevator C)


Status of Daily Civil Filings & Processing as of  11/25/2020 *

Civil/Domestic Daily Filings — Entering pleadings filed:

Civil 11/23/2020
Domestic 11/23/2020 
e-Filings 11/24/2020

Ex-Parte and time sensitive filings — Processed daily
Civil Processing —
Will be issued upon Orders being signed by the Court
Domestic Processing — Issuing Orders signed by the Court:

Continuances 11/4/2020
Rules 11/4/2020
Judgments 11/4/2020
Hearing Officer Orders 11/4/2020

* DISCLAIMER There may be instances where a filing was made on an above-referenced date and not entered or processed on that date. Please contact the Clerk of Court’s office for further assistance.