Civil Filing Dates

Status of Daily Civil Filings & Processing as of  03/27/2023*

Civil/Domestic Daily Filings

Currently entering pleadings filed on: 

Civil 03/23/2023-03/27/2023 RUSH
Domestic 03/27/2023
e-Filings 03/27/2023

Domestic Processing

Issuing Orders signed by the Court on:

Continuances 03/06/2023 –
Rules 03/06/2023 –
Judgments 03/15/2022 –
Hearing Officer Orders 03/07/2023 –

* DISCLAIMERThere may be instances where a filing was made on an above-referenced date and not entered or processed on that date. Please contact the Clerk of Court’s office for further assistance.

Please be aware there may be longer waiting periods in processing and clearing the work.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to serve the public.  Thank you.


Recording Filing Dates

Status of Daily Recordings as of 03/27/2023 *  

Cleared Through 03/22/2023
Filing Fees 03/27/2023
Indexing 03/24/2023
Mail/Send outs 03/22/2023
Cancellations 03/22/2023
UCCs 03/2t/2023

DISCLAIMER Documents filed after the “cleared” date shown above have not been checked for accuracy, may contain misspellings or typographical errors, and should not be relied upon.