Civil Filing Dates

Status of Daily Civil Filings & Processing as of  8/3/2020 *

Civil/Domestic Daily Filings — Entering pleadings filed:

Civil 7/29/2020
Domestic 7/31/2020
e-Filings 7/29/2020

Ex-Parte and time sensitive filings — Processed daily
Civil Processing —
Will be issued upon Orders being signed by the Court
Domestic Processing — Issuing Orders signed by the Court:

Orders 7/1/2020
Judgments 7/30/2020
Hearing Officer Orders 7/22/2020

* DISCLAIMER There may be instances where a filing was made on an above-referenced date and not entered or processed on that date. Please contact the Clerk of Court’s office for further assistance.

Recording Filing Dates

Status of Daily Recordings as of 8/3/2020 *  

Cleared Through 7/28/2020 *
Filing Fees 8/3/2020
Indexing 7/30/2020
Mail/Send outs 7/28/2020
Cancellations 7/24/2020
UCCs 8/3/2020

DISCLAIMER Documents filed after the “cleared” date shown above have not been checked for accuracy, may contain misspellings or typographical errors, and should not be relied upon.