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Marietta Barnes, Director

Contact Information

  • Phone Number : (985) 809-8700
  • Address : 601 N. Jefferson Avenue, Covington, LA 70433
  • P.O. Box : P.O. Box 1090, Covington, LA 70434

COMMISSIONER-IN-CHARGE CERTIFICATION To become certified for 2019 you must register for a class. 

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UNASSIGNED ALTERNATES who received a yellow commission and want to be added to the waiting list for an assignment in the December 8, 2018 election.

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Become an Election Poll Worker

The Clerk of Court is responsible for recruiting, training and providing certified election poll workers (election commissioners) for each election in St. Tammany Parish. By processing voters in precinct locations across the parish on election day, poll workers enable thousands of citizens to exercise their right to vote. In St. Tammany Parish, adequate staffing for busy parish-wide elections requires the work and commitment of almost 800 poll workers.


Become eligible to be a certified poll worker (election commissioner)

In order to be eligible to be a certified poll worker, one must:
  • be a registered voter in St. Tammany Parish or a 17 year-old U.S. citizen enrolled in the 12th grade
  • be able to handle all the essential duties of a commissioner
  • not have been convicted of an election offense
  • not be a law enforcement officer

The responsibilities of a poll worker include the following:

  • complete a general course of instruction and pass an open book test
  • attend a specific class prior to the election, if required by law
  • know how to setup and operate voting machines
  • identify voters, determine ballot selection, and handle all necessary election paperwork
  • enforce election laws
  • count and tabulate votes

The compensation for certified poll workers is as follows:

  • $200.00 per election day for commissioners who have the required pre-election training
  • $250.00 per election day for commissioners-in-charge who have the required pre-election training


Certified poll workers (election commissioners) may have the opportunity to work the following dates for regular elections in 2017 and 2018:

Year 2017 March 25 April 29 October 14 November 18
Year 2018 March 24 April 28 November 6 December 8
If you feel you can devote a Saturday approximately 4 times per year and/or a Tuesday every 2 years, contact the Elections Department at (985)809-8700 and ask to be placed on our mailing list to be notified of upcoming new commissioner classes.

Candidate Database

Search the names, addresses, and party affiliations of persons who have qualified for or withdrawn from upcoming elections, or who ran for office in previous elections (back to 1982).


Go to Candidate Database


Qualifying Information

Considering running for public office? Information is available on the qualifications needed to run for public office, the fees required and the forms that may be needed for qualifying, such as a nominating petition and/or a "Notice of Candidacy" form.


Learn About Running For Public Office

Where do I vote?

To find out where to vote click the button below or call the Registrar of Voters at (985) 809-5500 or (985) 646-4125 or the Secretary of State at 1 (800) 883-2805.


Go to Website to Find Your Voting Place


What’s on my Ballot?

Any voter can view and print their individual ballot for an upcoming election. To get a sample ballot, click on sample ballot, then follow the prompts.


Go to Website to View Your Sample Ballot
Statewide as well as parish election returns are available over the web. Voters can see the returns as they come in on election night or they can conduct a search for the official election returns back to 1982.


View the Election Results Website

Honor Vets Vote Program

This program honors those who have fought and sacrificed for our freedom and our sacred right to vote. Dedicate your vote by honoring those who have fought and are fighting today. 

View Program