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Julie West, Director of Civil Court Division

Contact Information

  • Civil Filing & Costs : (985) 809-8776
  • Civil Minute Clerks and Judges : View PDF
  • Customer Service : (985) 809-8733 (Employees provide copies of or information concerning Civil Suits)
  • Jury Selection : (985) 809-8736
  • Location : Justice Center, Basement Level (Elevator C)

In this department:

  • Copies of civil records including court minutes can be purchased
  • Civil pleadings can be filed
  • Assistance with calculating the cost of civil filings
  • Assistance with processing of protective orders can be obtained
  • Research of public records can be done on computers in our public access area

Civil Filing & Fees

NOTICE: In domestic matters, Court Rule Appendix 24.3 requires that a request to "walk-through" filings which involve "extraordinary circumstances" as outlined in Code of Civil Procedure Article 3945B, must be approved by a judge.

If the court approves the "walk-through" and a judge signs the order, the Clerk of Court will only process "walk-through" filings presented before 4:00 p.m.  After 4:00, we can take the "walk-through" document(s) in for filing and give you a certified copy of the order, but will not be able to process them for service until the next day.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court must collect fees on new suits for other agencies, which fees are comprised of the following:

Judicial Expense Fund $15.00
Judges' Compensation Fund $25.00
Parish Council Fee for new suits any time a matter is set $15.00
Parish Council Fee for pleadings to be recorded $5.00
Southeast Louisiana Legal Service Fee $10.00
Domestic Violence Assistance $25.00
Louisiana Judicial College Fee $0.50

NOTE: The Clerk of Court may also have to collect additional fees for other entities/agencies on subsequent filings.  Please request detailed explanation from the Civil Intake Department.

  • Complete list of Fees Collected for other entities: View PDF


Filing of new suits, viewing of files, obtaining copies or filing additional pleadings in existing suits may be done at the Justice Center, located at 701 North Columbia Street in Covington and at the St. Tammany Administrative Complex, located at 520 Old Spanish Trail, 5th Floor, in Slidell.  Documents filed in the Slidell office will be delivered to Covington to be processed.  Copies of documents given back in Slidell will have a date and time stamp only.  In order to serve you better, please call (985) 809-8776 for cost estimate prior to filing.



Civil Pleadings may be faxed in accordance with La. R.S. 13:850.  Fax number is: (985) 809-8777.

  • Civil Estimated Advance Deposit Fees : View PDF


Customer Service:

  • Phone Number : (985) 809-8733
Copy cost per page $0.50
Certified Copy $3.00
Name Search $10.00
Act of Congress (plus copy cost of $0.50 per page) $5.00
Filing fee for filing will - 1st page $20.00
............each additional page $10.00
Fax Filing Fee $5.00
......plus $0.50 per pages received or sent  
Postage - Actual Costs Incurred $0.00