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Public Records Available for Online Research

We offer public computer access to records on the ground floor in the Land Records Department and in the court division of the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center located at 701 N. Columbia Street.  Public computer access to records is also available in our Slidell Annex office at 520 Old Spanish Trail in Slidell. The customer service representatives in those areas will be happy to assist you with the computers.

Copies may be obtained for $0.50 per page.


Internet Access to Searches

Updated 08/31/2018

Public records can also be searched through the Internet by going to the Online Services menu, then clicking on Public Search Login or clicking on the Online Records Search link below.

We offer two levels of access, 24-Hour Premium Accessand Monthly Premium Access, both options give access with the ability to search, view and print*, for land records, civil suits, criminal records, marriage license indexes, and Civil and Criminal minutes. The indexes for Land Records display the file date, type of instrument (Deed, Contract, Mortgage, Assignment, etc.), the parties involved, a brief description, the price (consideration) for deeds, and the address if available, for records filed in or after the year 2000.

The 24-Hour Premium Access service is intended for one-time or occasional limited use. The 24-Hour Premium Access service, which allows Customers to search and view documents, is $20.00 for one 24-hour period starting at the time of sign up. The electronic copy (print) fee is $0.35 per page (to print).

Monthly Premium Access is intended for professionals that will need access on a continuing basis. The Monthly Premium service cost is $100, which includes the $50.00 start-up fee, and $50.00 for the first monthly subscription fee. The electronic copy (print) fee is $0.35 per page (to print).

Monthly Premium Access accounts are automatically billed to your subscription account every month regardless of use until the account is closed by the customer. To close an account go to My Account, click on Close Account and follow the prompts.

To set up a NEW online Premium Access account for our Online service go to Online Services, Public Search Login, SIGN UP NOW and follow the prompts.

EasyPay is a way for Customers to automatically pay their monthly subscription fee using any credit or debit card.  When you sign up for EasyPay, your credit card company will automatically charge your credit card each month for the amount of the monthly subscription fee ($50.00). This will be used to pay your Monthly Premium Access subscription with no further action on your part. You can cancel** EasyPay at any time by selecting "Cancel EasyPay" on the EasyPay portion of your account management page. EasyPay is an agreement between the Customer and their credit card company - the St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court does not keep credit card information on file.

ADD FUNDS to account by check or cash payment.  

To mail payments, send check only to:                   

St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court

c/o Web Account Administrator

P.O. Box 1090

Covington, LA 70434


To hand deliver check or cash payments please visit us in the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center located at:


701 North Columbia Street

Covington, LA 70433

Take elevator “B” to the Basement for the Recording Department Cashiers


*Additional fees apply to print. Documents can be eCertified for an additional charge.

 **Cancelling EasyPay does not close a Customer account or stop automated monthly billing.



Go to Online Records Search



For assistance with an online account email helpdesk@sttammanyclerk.org.

So our technicians can best support your request be sure to include the following information in your email: 

1. Your name

2. Valid phone number

3. The online account username or online account number you need assistance with.

4. What internet browser are you using? (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari work best)

5. What instrument or docket number are you having trouble with?

6. A detailed description of the issue - if you are able to provide an error message/code or screenshot of the problem this will help us resolve the problem faster.

We make every effort to provide a timely response and resolution to all Premium Access Customer support requests. We ask for your patience as our customer base is much larger than our IT Help Desk team.

To eliminate unnecessary wait time be sure to submit content specific requests directly to the department that handles those types of requests, i.e. the IT Help Desk team cannot provide information on court dates, missed court dates, court costs, filing fees or fulfill public records requests. Please call 985-809-8700 if you are uncertain of the correct department to submit your request to.


Available Records

Land Indexes 07/01/1961 to present and images/copies 1977 to present
Civil Suit Indexes 1992 to present (plus records from 1985 forward with activity since 1992) and images/copies 1995 to present
Archive Civil Suit Indexes 1985 to 1992 - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Criminal Suit Indexes 1988 to present - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Traffic Records 1988 to present - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Maps Various maps and surveys along with ownership maps - Indexes and copies
Marriage Licenses Indexes 1912 to present - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Historical Index Books 1810 - 1986 - Scanned Index Books