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St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court
701 N. Columbia Street
Covington, LA  70433

Reviewed 03-06-2015

Adobe Acrobat Reader    is required to download these forms.  The forms are designed for Legal size paper (8 1/2" x 14"), therefore, you should set your default paper size to Legal in order to get a true copy.  To download a form in PDF format, click on the appropriate form description.  If you do not have ADOBE Reader, you can click on the link below to download it.

All forms must be submitted by mail or in person with the appropriate fees.  These downloadable forms are intended for use by attorneys and qualified notaries.  Also, please note that cancellations must be executed before a Notary Public and signed by the affiant and two witnesses of lawful age.  Orders to cancel judgments of bond forfeiture and orders to cancel property bonds must be signed by a judge of the 22nd Judicial District Court.

Please Note: The forms have fields and can be filled in on your PC.


In forma Pauperis Affidavit
Motion to Set Trial on the Merits
Motion to Set Trial on the Merits (Division G ONLY)
Civil Case Cover Sheet
CCP ART. 13:54
The following Subpoena forms are for OUT OF STATE CASES ONLY:
202 Subpoena & Subpoena Duces Tecum
203 Deposition Subpoena
204 Deposition Subpoena & Subpoena Duces Tecum
204A Subpoena Duces Tecum
Family Court Forms - click here to go to the 22nd JDC website (scroll to the bottom of the page) * THESE FORMS ARE NOT FOR USE IN NON-SUPPORT MATTERS *


Expungement Fees and Procedures
Form 2015 Exp 1(L) Motion to Set Aside Conviction and Dismiss Prosecution
Form 2015 Exp 2(L) Rule to Show Cause
Form 2015 Exp 3(L) Order of Dismissal
Form 2015 Exp 4(L) Certification of Fee Waiver
Form 2015 Exp 5(L) Motion for Expungement
Form 2015 Exp 6(L) Affidavit of Response
Form 2015 Exp 7(L) Order
Form 2015 Exp 8(L) Order of Expungement of Arrest Conviction Record
Form 2015 Exp 9(L) Motion for Interim Expungement
Form 2015 Exp 10(L) Order of Expungement of Interim Arrest Record
Supplemental Sheet - Arrests that did not result in conviction (L)
Supplemental Sheet - Misdemeanor Convictions
Supplemental Sheet - Felony Convictions


Affidavit to Cancel Mortgage - 9:5167.1
Affidavit of Distinction with Creditor Acknowledgment
Affidavit of Distinction without Creditor Acknowledgment
Affidavit of Obligee of Record - R.S. 9:5168
Affidavit of Title Insurer Pursuant to La. R.S. 13:4344.1
Bond for Release of Private Works Lien
Bond for Release of Public Works Lien
Cash Bond to Cancel Lien
Lien & Privilege Certificate Request
Lost Note Affidavit (Notary) 9:5167 A.(1)
Mortgage Certificate Request
Motion & Order to Cancel Property Bond Mortgage
Partial Cancellation of Judgment - RS 9 5175(C) FORMERLY RS 44:111(C)
Release by Obligee - RS 9 5169 formerly 44:106
Request and Release by Financial Institution - RS 9 5172 formerly 44:109
Request to Cancel - Art 3366
Request to Cancel with Original Paraphed Note RS 9:5170A(1)


Assumed Business Name
Notice of Repossession

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