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Poll Workers

The Clerk of Court is responsible for recruiting, training and providing certified poll workers (election commissioners) for each election in St. Tammany Parish. By processing voters in precinct locations on election day, poll workers enable thousands of citizens to exercise their right to vote. In St. Tammany Parish, adequate staffing for busy parish-wide elections requires the work and commitment of almost 800 poll workers.

To be eligible to become a certified poll worker (election commissioner), one must:
   - be a registered voter in St. Tammany Parish or a 17 year-old U.S. citizen
     enrolled in 12th grade
   - not be entitled to assistance in voting
   - not have been convicted of an election offense
   - not be a law enforcement officer

The responsibilities of a poll worker (election commissioner) include:

   - successfully having completed a general course of instruction
     once every four years
   - attending a specific class prior to the election,
      if required by law
   - setting up and operating voting machines
   - identifying voters, determining ballot selection, and
      handling all necessary election paperwork
   - enforcement of election laws
   - counting and tabulation of votes

Compensation for certified poll workers (election commissioners) is as follows:

   - $200.00 per election day for commissioners
   - $250.00 per election day for commissioners-in-charge

Certified poll workers (election commissioners) may have the opportunity to work the following dates for regular elections in 2016 and 2017:

2016:   March 5         April 9     November 8    December 10
2017:   March 25       April 29    October 14     November 18

If you feel you can devote a Saturday approximately 4 times per year and/or a Tuesday every 2 years, call the Elections Department at (985) 809-8700 and ask to be placed on our mailing list to be notified of upcoming classes.