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Becoming a Notary

Effective August 15, 2008, the application and qualifying process to become a notary will be administered by the Secretary of State's office. The deadline for an applicant to register to take the exam as provided for in La. R.S. 35:191.1 is sixty days prior to the date of the examination. The notarial exam is given twice a year, the first Saturday in the months of June and December.


Upon successfully passing the examination, the new notary must submit the following to the Clerk of Court:

  • Notary Oath of Office
  • Bond for faithful performance of his duties in the sum of $10,000.00, in favor of the governor. This bond is to be approved by the Clerk of Court for the parish where the Notary will exercise the functions of his office and recorded in this office.

Submit to the Secretary of State's Office:

  • the approved bond, with recordation information if it is a personal surety bond
  • the recorded oath
  • the Certificate of Competency from Judge
  • any additional documentation required pursuant to La. R.S. 35:191.1

For additional help please contact the office of the Secretary of State, Notary Specialist at (225) 922-0507 or visit their website at www.sos.louisiana.gov.