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Public Records Available for Online Research

We offer public computer access to records on the ground floor of the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center located at 701 N. Columbia Street. The customer service representatives in that area will be happy to assist you with the computers. Copies may be obtained for $0.50 per page.


Internet Access to Searches

Updated 09/08/17

Public records can also be searched through the Internet by clicking on the link labeled Online Records Search. There are two levels of access which are 24-Hour Premium and Subscription Premium. Both levels of access give access to the indexes and offers the ability to search the land records, civil suits, criminal records, and marriage license indexes. The indexes for Land Records display the file date, type of instrument (Deed, Contract, Mortgage, Assignment, etc.), the parties involved, a brief description, the price (consideration) for deeds, and the address if available, for records filed in or after the year 2000. Both Premium Access services adds the ability to view and print images of the documents filed as well as the minutes for Civil and Criminal. The 24-Hour Premium has a fee of $20.00 plus $0.35 per page for any copies printed. The cost of the subscription-based Premium service includes a $50.00 start-up fee, a $50.00 monthly subscription fee (charged every month until the account is closed by the user, regardless of use), plus $0.35 per page to print copies (payable as an up-front deposit to a print account). Premium Access is intended for professionals that will need the information on a continuing basis. All accounts can be set up by the customer through this website under the Online Records Search link. No form or application is necessary.


Available Records

Land Indexes 07/01/1961 to present and images/copies 1977 to present
Civil Suit Indexes 1992 to present (plus records from 1985 forward with activity since 1992) and images/copies 1995 to present
Archive Civil Suit Indexes 1985 to 1992 - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Criminal Suit Indexes 1988 to present - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Traffic Records 1988 to present - Indexes only (no images/copies)
Maps Various maps and surveys along with ownership maps - Indexes and copies
Marriage Licenses Indexes 1922 to present - Indexes only (no images/copies)


Go to Online Records Search


If you need assistance with an online account, you may contact the Clerk of Court IT staff with the contact information below:

Phone : (985) 809-8792

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